Tenuta Marsiliana Vermentino 2016

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Tenuta Marsiliana
€ 8,98 Incl. btw
Soort wijn: wit
Land van herkomst: Italië
Streek van herkomst: Toscane
Producent: Tenuta Marsiliana
Druiven: vermentino
Biologisch: nee
Oogstjaar: 2015
Onderscheidingen: nee
Smaaktype: licht & fris
Alcoholpercentage: 12%
Inhoud: 0,75 liter
Tasting and pairing notes: 
This Vermentino is a wine of the sea, to be precise of the Tyrrhenian Sea, which is so different from other Mediterranean seas. Bordered with low woods and pine forests, where golden sand sparks and it is rare the rock, where the shells reach the shore in the emerald waters. So is this wine, with the yellow color of a ray of light, that expresses with refreshing aromas of herbs like mint and sage, a floral touch of lemon blossom and juicy citrus fragrance of grapefruit and tropical pineapple and mango touch. The sip has a vital and thrilling freshness, green apple and lemon are joyous shades that illuminate the palate like a breeze on a sunny path. Exciting with a salad of crab and summer vegetables, but also with a simple slice of bread with fresh butter and anchovies.

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